There really is no set-list of the services our staff can provide for you, as we have staff available to promote your product or service in nearly every way.

Promotional Staff:
We have experienced promotional staff on hand, ready to hand out flyers, hand out samples, perform letterbox drops, brochure distribution, etc

We have experienced demonstrators, who can demonstrate your latest product at a trade show, exhibition, festival, etc.

Food & Alcohol product samplings or promotions:
Our staff can promote your food or beverage, at a stall in a supermarket, bottle shop, bar, nightclub, etc.

We have experienced stenciling staff, who hit the streets late at nite with a stencil of your choice in hand. The stencils are done with chalk, and are not permanent, but they are very effective in catching people's attention for a day or so.

Trade Shows:
Our staff can assist you in the smooth running of your stand at a trade show, from greeting customers, to demostrating products, to making showbags, to getting the coffees and keeping the stand clean and tidy! We can do it all, ensuring you can focus your time and energy on your customers.

Costume wearers:
Our staff have worked in numerous dressups and costumes, ready to play the part as any character you require.

Special events:
Our staff can assist you in hosting your special event or function.

Our photos show our Dare staff at work in all of these different situations, please have a quick look through the photos to truly see how versatile our team at Dare is.